Women Aged Over 40: Is It Really Time For Menopause? Identify Symptoms & Improve Quality of Life

Published By Tania F, Editor | November 19 2023 at 6:17 EDT | 3 Min Read

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This story is so personal and I’m afraid to share it. But I feel it could be SO VALUABLE to other women going through a similar experience. So here it is…

Life was fine before I turned 40.

My period was like clockwork, coming every month until October 2, 2023.

It suddenly stopped and as quickly as it stopped, the quality of life plummeted.

The unpredictable symptoms, from hot flashes to stubborn weight gain, turned my life into a relentless uphill battle.

Imagine a ship navigating turbulent waters without a compass – that was my life.

The worst part?

I had no idea what was causing all of this.

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Could menopause be the reason for my new quality of life?

Struggling through menopause felt like an endless maze.

Like many, I relied on how my clothes fit.

I was a size 8 all my life, and all of a sudden I went up to 11.

I was distraught. I hated how I looked. I hated how I felt.

On top of that, I wake up multiple times during the night because of hot flashes.

I throw off my covers because I feel like I’m 200 degrees! I haven’t had a good nights’ rest in weeks.

The realisation that my struggles were connected to menopause became a turning point - it allowed me to accept and find a solution to my problems.

But it also had me wondering - menopause is such a misunderstood and very neglected time in a woman's life.


My desperate search for a menopause solution

This whole menopause thing sucks and all I want is to feel like myself again.

Ask yourself, how much you’d pay to feel more like yourself again?

I did my own research online but my first couple attempts at a solution were futile:

- I tried to cut calories (I've always been Paleo), added more walking, and tried intermittent fasting but not only did the weight not budge, but my stomach and breasts got bigger!
- I tried a supplement with Black Cohosh - but I got crazy stomach pains and the side effects just weren’t worth it.

Went even deeper into the research but just got even more confused…UGH!!! I don't get it!

If you're low in progesterone or estrogen why would taking more make you gain weight!

Why can't doctors figure this out?

But I made a promise to myself.

I made it my New Year’s Resolution to find a solution to my menopause symptoms.

Weight loss method that works for women in menopause (according to my physician)

I needed some help - so I went to see my physician.

Expecting her to just explain a solution that I had already tried, I was so surprised when she mentioned this.

There had recently been a BREAKTHROUGH in the menopause relief industry.

A natural volcanic stone menopause relief bracelet.

She said dozens of her existing patients had already tried it, and we’re getting immediate results.

According to her, this bracelet was safe and especially beneficial for women not only in menopause but also transitioning to it (perimenopause).

She was 100% sure it would work for me too. And if it didn’t, I could just refund it for 100% of my money back.

After failing so many times trying to find a solution on my own, I had to give this Volcanic Stone bracelet a go. (P.S there’s a link down below if you also want to try this bracelet RISK-FREE)

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The first 7 days of my transformation

The bracelet was super easy to use - I just put it on my wrist 24/7 and add the included essential oils twice a day.

No meds, no pills, no headache.

After 20 minutes, I felt nothing.. and after being defeated from so many previous solutions, I didn’t have high hopes for this bracelet.

But after an hour, something changed.

I didn’t get my afternoon hot flashes like I was expecting. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence.

That night, I slept like a baby. I didn’t wake up at 2am in a pool of my own sweat. Didn’t toss and turn for hours trying to fall back asleep.

I couldn’t believe it. But it didn’t stop there.

On day 2:
- My meno-bloat was significantly reduced.
- I could finally fit into my favorite PJs again.
- I didn’t get any crazy sugar cravings like I usually do.

It’s now been 3 weeks since I started wearing this bracelet.

I cannot believe I’ve lost 12 pounds without even trying.

The best part? It doesn’t run out like those nasty pills do.

This bracelet lasts forever and I couldn’t feel & look any better!

Doing my own research & realizing volcanic stone therapy had been used for centuries

The truth is that during menopause, our metabolism & estrogen levels change drastically.

It's inevitable.

But there had to be a way that people hundreds of years ago were dealing with it - and the answer was natural volcanic stone.

I found dozens of articles online about miracle success stories - women that had tried everything to relieve the hormonal weight gain and only found progress when they tried volcanic stone.

The proof was EVERYWHERE.

Just knowing this solution meant the difference between living your best life and feeling like your life is over.

So here’s my advice…

Menopause is inevitable for all women but that doesn’t mean your mental & physical health has to take the blow.

Natural remedies like Volcanic Stone fasttrack your path to an even better life - sometimes it might even save your life.

Here’s how you can manage menopausal weight gain & other symptoms effectively:
1. As my physician suggested - order a volcanic stone bracelet from official website (linked below).
2. Once it arrives - wear it daily & add the included essential oils for instant relief.
3. You’re given a 7 day trial - so you’ll either get results or your money back.

Within the first 7 days, I’m confident that you’ll experience benefits like reduced bloating & weight gain, controlled appetites, better sleep & zero hot flashes - all the major menopausal symptoms.

What’s there to lose?

Click the "CHECK AVAILABILITY" button below to go to their website & purchase yours now!

Click Below To Go To The Official Website & Purchase Your Volcanic Stone Bracelet

Comments (26)

Trisha Lint

30 Nov, 2023 at 8:24pm

I'm 41 now and I had tried everything in the book for weight gain and menopause symptoms. Pills, diets, fasting - you name it. It was only until I tried this bracelet that I got real results. I've managed to burn fat all over, but especially around my belly.

Lisa Pineswood

1 Dec, 2023 at 12:24pm

This has helped me lose 24 pounds in just under 3 weeks. From 175 to 151. I really haven't even had to do anything and it was so easy to implement into my lifestyle. I can't believe I didn't know about this earlier. 

Rebecca Standoff

3 Dec, 2023 at 11:29am

Zero hot flashes from night one after wewaring this bracelet. Went from waking up at least 6 times a night to absolutely ZERO. To say my quality of life has improved is an understatement.

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